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Integrated Manufacturing System

These days it is very important to make small, robust and efficient equipment in order to save energy and resources. This machines need to withstand harsh environments such as high heat and high pressure. Various techniques and technologies are required to achieve this kind of manufacturing including the processing of various materials such as metals and resins.
It is many times difficult for one company to handle everything, but due to our corporate policy that does not say "no" to any customer's request, we have  expanded our technical domain.
Now days, we have established an integrated production system from ultra-precision machining of difficult-to-cut materials to mold manufacturing, resin injection molding, cutting with super-emplars, and sheet metal welding with compound machines and laser machines.
Thanks to the above productions technologies and our vast experience in manufacturing we are able deliver high quality and speedy production.

  • 1Metal Processing

    We have the ability to machine complex shapes within microns with difficult materials due to our leading-edge machining facility and our highly skilled craftsmen.

  • 2Injection Molding

    We have a complete facility of molds, such as horizontal injection molds and annealing furnaces to cater to all needs. We also have the ability to provide high precision molding of super functional materials, such as fluorine resin and PEEK.

  • 3Resin Processing

    We have the leading edge when it comes to our machines, from complex processing machines to precision machines for high value-added resins such as fluorine resin and super engineering plastic. Our factory's temperature is constantly monitored.

  • 4Sheet-Metal Work and Welding

    We have facility of laser punch combination machine and 3D laser machine. With our high-efficiency technology, we can offer sheet metal work/assembly services for custom made machinery.

  • 5Measuring/Quality Inspection

    High precision manufacturing requires accuracy and proper measuring techniques. We have implemented leading-edge Quality Assurance measuring systems including the CNC 3D imaging device.


Company NameSanyo Co., Ltd.
PresidentTadanao Takase
Head office1510 Tatsuishi, Fujioka, Gunma/Japan
Japanese Language Only 
For English Speakers
Capital92,000,000 yen (JPY)
Sales productOffice equipment / Shop supplies / Nursing care equipment
Manufacture Product


High functional resin parts / Molds / Bearing parts / Construction equipment parts / Machine equipment parts / Sheet-metal processing / Laser processing, Processing

Injection Molding

High functional resin parts / Molds / Bearing parts / Construction equipment parts / Machine equipment parts

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Head Office / Tatsuishi Factory

Address1510 Tatsuishi, Fujioka city, Gunma-Ken/Japan
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Second Tatsuishi Factory

Address1510 Tatsuishi, Fujioka, Gunma /Japan
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Okanogou Factory

Address558 Okanogoh, Fujioka, Gunma/Japan
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Kannagawa Factory

Address1424-11 Okanogoh, Fujioka, Gunma/Japan
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